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60 But de Peter Petros said legō, · ho Man anthrōpos, I do not ou know oida what hos you are talking legō about .” And kai immediately parachrēma, while he autos was still eti speaking laleō, the rooster alektōr crowed phōneō. 61 Then kai the ho Lord kyrios turned strephō and looked emblepō at ho Peter Petros, and kai Peter Petros remembered hypomimnēskō · ho the ho word rhēma of the ho Lord kyrios that hōs he had said legō to him autos, “ Before prin the rooster alektōr crows phōneō today sēmeron, you will deny aparneomai me egō three tris times .” 62 And kai he went exerchomai out exō and wept klaiō bitterly pikrōs.

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