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23 Woe ouai to those ho who are echō pregnant en gastēr and kai to those ho who are nursing thēlazō infants in en those ekeinos · ho days hēmera! For gar there will be eimi great megas distress anankē on epi the ho earth and kai wrath orgē against ho this houtos people laos. 24 · kai They will fall piptō by the edge stoma of the sword machaira and kai be led captive aichmalōtizō to eis · ho all pas nations ethnos, and kai Jerusalem Ierousalēm will be eimi trampled pateō underfoot by hypo the Gentiles ethnos, until achri hos the times kairos of ethnos the Gentiles ethnos are fulfilled plēroō.

25 · kai There will be eimi signs sēmeion in en the sun hēlios and kai moon selēnē and kai stars astron; and kai on epi the ho earth distress synochē among nations ethnos confused aporia by the roaring ēchos and kai surging salos of the sea thalassa;

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