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21 Looking anablepō up , · de Jesus saw · ho rich people plousios putting ballō their autos gifts dōron into eis the ho offering gazophylakion box , · ho and de he saw a tis poor penichros widow chēra put ballō in ekei two dyo small coins. And kai he said legō, “ I tell legō you hymeis the truth alēthōs, that hoti · ho this houtos poor ptōchos widow chēra · ho has put ballō in more polys than all pas the rest. For gar they houtos all pas, out ek of ho their autos excess perisseuō, put ballō in eis their ho gifts dōron, but de she houtos, out ek of ho her autos need hysterēma, put in ballō everything pas that hos she had echō · ho to live bios on .”

And kai while some tis were speaking legō of peri the ho temple hieron, how hoti it was adorned kosmeō with beautiful kalos stones lithos and kai gifts anathēma dedicated to God , Jesus said legō, These houtos things that hos you see theōreō days hēmera will come erchomai in en which hos there will not ou be left aphiēmi stone lithos upon epi stone lithos that hos will not ou be thrown katalyō down .”

And de they asked eperōtaō him autos, saying legō, “ Teacher didaskalos, when pote will these houtos things be eimi, and kai what tis is the ho sign sēmeion when hotan these things houtos are about mellō to happen ginomai?” And de he ho said legō, “ See blepō that you are not led planaō astray ! For gar many polys will come erchomai in epi · ho my egō name onoma, saying legō, ‘ I egō am eimi he!’ and kai, ‘ The ho time kairos is at hand engizō!’ Do not go poreuō after opisō them autos. When hotan · de you hear akouō of wars polemos and kai rebellions akatastasia, do not be terrified ptoeō, for gar these things houtos must dei take ginomai place first prōton, but alla the ho end telos will not ou follow immediately eutheōs.” 10 Then tote he said legō to them autos, “ Nation ethnos will rise egeirō against epi nation ethnos, and kai kingdom basileia against epi kingdom basileia; 11 there will be eimi great megas earthquakes seismos, and kai in various kata places topos famines limos and kai plagues loimos. There will be eimi dreadful phobētron portents and kai great megas signs sēmeion from apo heaven ouranos. 12 But de before pro all pas these houtos things , they will lay epiballō their autos hands cheir on epi you hymeis · ho and kai persecute diōkō you, handing paradidōmi you over to eis the ho synagogues synagōgē and kai prisons phylakē, bringing apagō you before epi kings basileus and kai governors hēgemōn for the sake of · ho my egō name onoma. 13 This will result apobainō in an opportunity for you hymeis for eis witness martyrion. 14 So oun determine tithēmi in en · ho your hymeis hearts kardia not to rehearse promeletaō beforehand how to defend apologeomai yourself , 15 For gar I egō am the one who will give didōmi you hymeis a mouth stoma and kai wisdom sophia, which hos none ou of your hymeis adversaries antikeimai will be able dynamai to resist anthistēmi or ē contradict antilegō. · ho 16 You will be handed paradidōmi over · de even kai by hypo parents goneus and kai brothers adelphos and kai relatives syngenēs and kai friends philos, and kai some of ek you hymeis they will put thanatoō to death . 17 · kai You will be eimi hated miseō by hypo all pas because dia of · ho my egō name onoma. 18 Yet kai not ou a hair thrix of ek · ho your hymeis head kephalē will perish apollymi. 19 By en · ho your hymeis endurance hypomonē you will gain ktaomai · ho your hymeis lives psychē.

20  But de when hotan you see Jerusalem Ierousalēm surrounded kykloō by hypo armies stratopedon, then tote know ginōskō that hoti its autos desolation erēmōsis has drawn engizō near . · ho 21 Then tote those ho who are in en · ho Judea Ioudaia must flee pheugō to eis the ho mountains oros, and kai those ho in en the midst mesos of the city autos must evacuate ekchōreō, and kai those ho in en the ho country chōra must not enter eiserchomai it autos, 22 for hoti these houtos are eimi days hēmera of vengeance ekdikēsis, so ho that everything pas that ho has been written graphō may be fulfilled pimplēmi. 23 Woe ouai to those ho who are echō pregnant en gastēr and kai to those ho who are nursing thēlazō infants in en those ekeinos · ho days hēmera! For gar there will be eimi great megas distress anankē on epi the ho earth and kai wrath orgē against ho this houtos people laos. 24 · kai They will fall piptō by the edge stoma of the sword machaira and kai be led captive aichmalōtizō to eis · ho all pas nations ethnos, and kai Jerusalem Ierousalēm will be eimi trampled pateō underfoot by hypo the Gentiles ethnos, until achri hos the times kairos of ethnos the Gentiles ethnos are fulfilled plēroō.

25 · kai There will be eimi signs sēmeion in en the sun hēlios and kai moon selēnē and kai stars astron; and kai on epi the ho earth distress synochē among nations ethnos confused aporia by the roaring ēchos and kai surging salos of the sea thalassa; 26 people anthrōpos fainting apopsychō with apo fear phobos and kai foreboding prosdokia of what ho is coming eperchomai on the ho world oikoumenē. For gar the ho powers dynamis of the ho heavens ouranos will be shaken saleuō. 27 And kai then tote they will see horaō the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos coming erchomai on en a cloud nephelē with meta power dynamis and kai great polys glory doxa. 28 Now de when these things houtos begin archō to happen ginomai, straighten anakyptō yourselves up and kai raise epairō · ho your hymeis heads kephalē, because dioti your hymeis deliverance apolytrōsis is drawing engizō near .” · ho

29 And kai he told legō them autos a parable parabolē: “Look at the ho fig sykē tree , and kai all pas the ho trees dendron. 30 When hotan they have already ēdē put proballō forth their leaves, you see blepō for apo yourselves heautou and know ginōskō that hoti summer theros is eimi already ēdē near engys. · ho 31 So houtōs also kai you hymeis, when hotan you see these houtos things happening ginomai, will know ginōskō that hoti the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos is eimi near engys. 32 I tell legō you hymeis the truth amēn, that hoti this houtos generation genea will by no means ou have passed parerchomai away · ho before heōs an all pas things have happened ginomai. 33 · ho Heaven ouranos and kai · ho earth will pass parerchomai away , · ho but de my egō words logos will not ou mē pass parerchomai away .

34  But de watch prosechō yourselves heautou lest mēpote your hymeis minds kardia be dulled bareō · ho by en dissipation kraipalē and kai drunkenness methē and kai the anxieties merimna of this life biōtikos, and kai that ekeinos day hēmera close ephistēmi down upon epi you hymeis suddenly aiphnidios, · ho 35 like hōs a trap pagis. For gar it will come epeiserchomai upon epi all pas those ho who live kathēmai on epi the face prosōpon of the ho whole pas earth . 36 Be alert agrypneō · de at en all pas times kairos, praying deomai that hina you may have strength katischuō to escape ekpheugō all pas these houtos things that ho will mellō take ginomai place , and kai to stand histēmi before emprosthen the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos.”

37 During the ho day hēmera he was eimi · de in en the ho temple hieron teaching didaskō, but de at ho night nyx he went exerchomai out and stayed aulizomai on eis the ho hill oros · ho called kaleō “The Mount of Olives elaia.” 38 And kai all pas the ho people laos came orthrizō to pros him autos in en the ho temple hieron at dawn to listen akouō to him autos.

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