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18 Everyone pas who ho falls piptō on epi that ekeinos · ho stone lithos will be broken synthlaō into pieces , and de on epi whomever hos it falls piptō, it will crush likmaō him autos.”

19 · kai The ho scribes grammateus and kai the ho chief archiereus priests tried zēteō to lay epiballō hands cheir on epi him autos · ho at en that autos very · ho hour hōra, for gar they perceived ginōskō that hoti he had spoken legō this houtos parable parabolē against pros them autos, but kai they feared phobeomai the ho people laos. · ho

20 So kai they watched paratēreō him closely and sent apostellō spies who heautou pretended hypokrinomai to be eimi righteous dikaios so hina they could catch epilambanomai him in his autos word logos, and in this way hōste deliver paradidōmi him autos to the ho jurisdiction archē and kai · ho authority exousia of the ho governor hēgemōn.

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