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20 · kai One heis · ho day hēmera, as Jesus autos was teaching didaskō the ho people laos in en the ho temple hieron and kai preaching euangelizō the gospel , the ho chief archiereus priests and kai the ho scribes grammateus, along with syn the ho elders presbyteros, came up ephistēmi and kai spoke legō to pros him autos, saying legō, “ Tell legō us hēmeis by en what poios authority exousia you are doing poieō these houtos things ; or ē who tis it is eimi who ho gave didōmi you sy · ho this houtos authority exousia?” He answered apokrinomai, · de saying legō to pros them autos, “ I kagō will also kagō ask erōtaō you hymeis a question logos, and kai you must give legō me egō the answer : The ho baptism baptisma of John Iōannēs, was it eimi authorized from ek heaven ouranos or ē did it come from ek men anthrōpos?” They ho · de reasoned syllogizomai among pros themselves heautou, saying legō, “ If ean we say legō, ‘ From ek heaven ouranos,’ then he will say legō, ‘ Why dia tis did you not ou believe pisteuō him autos?’ But de if ean we say legō, ‘ From ek men anthrōpos,’ all hapas the ho people laos will stone katalithazō us hēmeis to death , because gar they are eimi convinced peithō that John Iōannēs was eimi a prophet prophētēs.” So kai they replied apokrinomai that they did not know oida where pothen it was from . Then kai · ho Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, “ Neither oude will I egō tell legō you hymeis by en what poios authority exousia I do poieō these houtos things .”

Then de he began archō to tell legō the ho people laos · ho this houtos parable parabolē: “A man anthrōpos planted phyteuō a vineyard ampelōn and kai leased ekdidōmi it autos to tenants geōrgos; then kai he went apodēmeō away for quite some hikanos time chronos. 10 · kai When the season kairos came, he sent apostellō a servant to pros the ho tenants geōrgos so hina that they might give didōmi him autos his share of apo the ho produce karpos of the ho vineyard ampelōn; but de the ho tenants geōrgos beat derō him and sent exapostellō him autos away empty-handed kenos. 11 So kai he sent another prostithēmi servant; but de they ho beat derō that kakeinos one as kai well , treated atimazō him shamefully , and sent exapostellō him away empty-handed kenos. 12 So kai he sent a third prostithēmi; but de they ho wounded traumatizō this one houtos too kai, and threw ekballō him out . 13 Then de the ho owner kyrios of the ho vineyard ampelōn said legō, ‘ What tis shall I do poieō? I will send pempō · ho my egō son hyios, whom ho I love agapētos; perhaps isōs they will respect entrepō him houtos.’ 14 When the ho tenants geōrgos saw · de him autos, they reasoned dialogizomai among pros themselves allēlōn, saying legō, ‘ This houtos is eimi the ho heir klēronomos. Let us kill apokteinō him autos, so hina that the ho inheritance klēronomia may be ginomai ours hēmeis.’ 15 And kai they threw ekballō him autos out exō of the ho vineyard ampelōn and killed apokteinō him. What tis then oun will the ho owner kyrios of the ho vineyard ampelōn do poieō to them autos? 16 He will come erchomai and kai destroy apollymi · ho those houtos tenants geōrgos and kai give didōmi the ho vineyard ampelōn to others allos.” When they heard akouō · de this, they said legō, “ Surely not !” 17 But de looking straight at emblepō them autos he ho said legō, “ What tis then oun is eimi this houtos that ho is written graphō: “The stone lithos that hos the ho builders oikodomeō rejected apodokimazō this houtos one became ginomai eis the head kephalē of the corner gōnia’? 18 Everyone pas who ho falls piptō on epi that ekeinos · ho stone lithos will be broken synthlaō into pieces , and de on epi whomever hos it falls piptō, it will crush likmaō him autos.”

19 · kai The ho scribes grammateus and kai the ho chief archiereus priests tried zēteō to lay epiballō hands cheir on epi him autos · ho at en that autos very · ho hour hōra, for gar they perceived ginōskō that hoti he had spoken legō this houtos parable parabolē against pros them autos, but kai they feared phobeomai the ho people laos. · ho

20 So kai they watched paratēreō him closely and sent apostellō spies who heautou pretended hypokrinomai to be eimi righteous dikaios so hina they could catch epilambanomai him in his autos word logos, and in this way hōste deliver paradidōmi him autos to the ho jurisdiction archē and kai · ho authority exousia of the ho governor hēgemōn. 21 · kai They questioned eperōtaō him autos, saying legō, “ Teacher didaskalos, we know oida that hoti you speak legō and kai teach didaskō truthfully orthōs and kai show lambanō no ou partiality prosōpon, but alla truly epi alētheia teach didaskō the ho way hodos of ho God theos. 22 Is it lawful for us hēmeis to give didōmi tribute phoros to Caesar Kaisar, or ē not ou?” 23 But de he realized katanoeō their autos · ho duplicity panourgia, and said legō to pros them autos, 24  Show deiknymi me egō a denarius dēnarion. Whose tis image eikōn and kai inscription epigraphē does it have echō?” They ho · de said legō, “Caesar’ s Kaisar.” 25 He ho · de said legō to pros them autos, “Then give apodidōmi to Caesar Kaisar the ho things that are Caesar’ s Kaisar, and kai to ho God theos the ho things that are · ho God’ s theos.” 26 And kai they were unable ou to trap epilambanomai him autos in what he said rhēma in the presence enantion of the ho people laos, but kai, marveling thaumazō at epi · ho his autos answer apokrisis, they were reduced sigaō to silence .

27 Now de some tis · ho Sadducees Saddoukaios ( who ho deny legō there is eimi a resurrection anastasis) came up proserchomai and questioned eperōtaō him autos, 28 saying legō, “ Teacher didaskalos, Moses Mōysēs wrote graphō for us hēmeis that if ean someone’ s tis brother adelphos dies apothnēskō, having echō a wife gynē, but kai is eimi childless ateknos, then hina his autos brother adelphos must take lambanō · ho the ho widow gynē and kai raise exanistēmi up offspring sperma for ho his autos brother adelphos. 29 Now oun there were eimi seven hepta brothers adelphos. · kai The ho first prōtos, having taken lambanō a wife gynē, died apothnēskō childless ateknos. 30 Both kai the ho second deuteros 31 and kai the ho third tritos took lambanō her autos, and de likewise hōsautōs also kai the ho seven hepta: they left kataleipō no ou children teknon and kai died apothnēskō. 32 Later hysteros on the ho woman gynē also kai died apothnēskō. 33 So oun the ho woman gynē in en the ho resurrection anastasis of which tis of them autos will she be ginomai wife gynē? For gar all ho seven hepta had echō her autos as wife gynē.”

34 And kai Jesus Iēsous said legō to them autos, · ho The ho sons hyios of ho this houtos age aiōn marry gameō and kai are given gamiskō in marriage , 35 but de those ho who are considered kataxioō worthy to attain tynchanō to · ho that ekeinos age aiōn and kai to the ho resurrection anastasis · ho from ek the dead nekros neither oute marry gameō nor oute are given gamizō in marriage . 36 In fact gar, they can dynamai no oude longer eti die apothnēskō, since gar they are eimi like angels isangelos and kai are eimi sons hyios of God theos, being eimi sons hyios of the ho resurrection anastasis. 37 But de that hoti the ho dead nekros are raised egeirō, even kai Moses Mōysēs made known mēnyō, in the passage about epi the ho bush batos, for hōs he calls legō the Lord kyrios, ‘ the ho God theos of Abraham Abraam and kai the God theos of Isaac Isaak and kai the God theos of Jacob Iakōb.’ 38 He is eimi not ou God theos · de of the dead nekros, but alla of the living zaō! For gar to him autos they are all pas alive zaō.”

39 In response apokrinomai · de some tis of the ho scribes grammateus said legō, “ Teacher didaskalos, you have spoken legō well kalōs!” 40 For gar no ouketi longer did they dare tolmaō to question eperōtaō him autos about anything oudeis.

41 Then de he said legō to pros them autos, “ How pōs can they say legō that the ho Messiah Christos is to be eimi a son hyios of David Dauid? 42 For gar David Dauid himself autos says legō in en the book biblos of Psalms psalmos, ‘The Lord kyrios said legō to ho my egō Lord kyrios, “ Sit kathēmai at ek my egō right dexios hand , 43 until heōs an I make tithēmi · ho your sy enemies echthros a footstool hypopodion for ho your sy feet pous.”’ 44 David Dauid thus oun calls kaleō him autos Lord kyrios.’ So kai how pōs could he be eimi his autos son hyios?”

45 As all pas the ho people laos were listening akouō, · de he said legō to ho his autos disciples mathētēs, 46  Beware prosechō of apo those ho scribes grammateus, who ho like thelō to walk peripateō around in en flowing robes stolē, and kai love phileō greetings aspasmos in en the ho marketplaces agora and kai the most important seats prōtokathedria in en the ho synagogues synagōgē and kai the places of honor prōtoklisia at en · ho feasts deipnon, 47 who hos devour katesthiō the ho houses oikia of ho widows chēra and kai for the sake of appearance prophasis make lengthy makros prayers proseuchomai. These houtos will receive lambanō the greater perissoteros condemnation krima.”

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