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19 · kai Jesus entered eiserchomai Jericho Ierichō and was passing dierchomai through . · ho · kai There idou was a man anēr called kaleō by the name onoma of Zacchaeus Zakchaios; · kai he autos was eimi a chief architelōnēs tax collector and kai he autos was wealthy plousios. · kai He was trying zēteō to see · ho Jesus Iēsous who tis he was eimi but kai was not ou able dynamai to on apo account of the ho crowd ochlos, because hoti he was eimi short mikros in ho stature hēlikia. So kai he ran protrechō on ahead eis ho · ho and climbed anabainō up into epi a sycamore-fig sykomorea tree to hina see him autos, for hoti he was about mellō to pass dierchomai that way ekeinos. · kai As hōs he came erchomai to epi that ho spot topos, Jesus Iēsous looked anablepō up · ho and said legō to pros him autos, “ Zacchaeus Zakchaios, hurry speudō and climb katabainō down , for gar today sēmeron I egō must dei stay menō at en · ho your sy house oikos.” So kai he hurried speudō and climbed katabainō down and kai welcomed hypodechomai him autos, rejoicing chairō. And kai everyone pas, when they saw this, began to grumble diagongyzō, saying legō, “ He went in eiserchomai to lodge katalyō with para a sinful hamartōlos man anēr.” Zacchaeus Zakchaios, as he stood histēmi · de there, said legō to pros the ho Lord kyrios, “ Look idou, · ho half hēmisys of what ho I egō own hyparchō, Lord kyrios, I will give didōmi to the ho poor ptōchos, and kai if ei I have defrauded sykophanteō anyone tis of sykophanteō anything tis, I will repay apodidōmi fourfold tetraplous.” Jesus Iēsous said legō · de to pros him autos, · ho Today sēmeron salvation sōtēria has come ginomai to ho this houtos house oikos, since kathoti he autos too kai is eimi a son hyios of Abraham Abraam. 10 For gar the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos came erchomai to seek zēteō and kai to save sōzō the ho lost apollymi.”

11 As they autos were listening akouō to · de this houtos, he went prostithēmi on to tell legō a parable parabolē, because dia · ho he autos was eimi near engys Jerusalem Ierousalēm, and kai they autos supposed dokeō that hoti the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos was going mellō to appear anaphainō at once parachrēma. 12 So oun he said legō, “A certain tis man anthrōpos of noble birth eugenēs went poreuō to eis a distant makros country chōra to acquire lambanō royal power basileia for himself heautou and kai then to return hypostrephō. 13 So de, calling kaleō ten deka of his heautou servants, he gave didōmi them autos ten deka minas mna, and kai said legō to pros them autos, ‘ Conduct pragmateuomai business until en hos I return erchomai.’ 14 · ho But de his autos citizens politēs hated miseō him autos and kai sent apostellō a delegation presbeia after opisō him autos, saying legō, ‘ We do not ou want thelō this houtos person to rule basileuō over epi us hēmeis.’ 15 · kai When en · ho he autos returned epanerchomai, having acquired lambanō · ho royal basileia power , · kai he ordered legō these houtos servants to whom hos he had given didōmi the ho money argyrion to be called phōneō to him autos, · ho that hina he might know ginōskō what tis they had gained diapragmateuomai by doing business . 16 The ho first prōtos came paraginomai before · de him, saying legō, ‘ Master kyrios, · ho your sy mina mna has gained prosergazomai ten deka minas mna.’ 17 And kai he said legō to him autos, ‘ Well euge done , good agathos servant! Because hoti you have been ginomai trustworthy pistos in en a very small elachistos matter , you will eimi have echō authority exousia over epanō ten deka cities polis.’ 18 And kai the ho second deuteros came erchomai, saying legō, · ho Your sy mina mna, Master kyrios, has gained poieō five pente minas mna.’ 19 So de he said legō to this one houtos as well kai, ‘ And kai you sy, rule ginomai over epanō five pente cities polis.’ 20 Then kai the ho other heteros came erchomai, saying legō, ‘ Master kyrios, look idou, · ho your sy mina mna that hos I kept echō laid apokeimai away in en a piece soudarion of cloth , 21 for gar I was afraid phobeomai of you sy, because hoti you are eimi an exacting austēros man anthrōpos: you take airō up what hos you did not ou lay tithēmi down , and kai reap therizō what hos you did not ou sow speirō.’ 22 He said legō to him autos, ‘ Out ek of ho your own sy mouth stoma I will judge krinō you sy, wicked ponēros servant. You knew oida, did you, that hoti I egō am eimi an exacting austēros man anthrōpos, taking airō up what hos I did not ou lay tithēmi down and kai reaping therizō what hos I did not ou sow speirō? 23 Why dia then kai did you not ou put didōmi my egō · ho money argyrion in epi the bank trapeza? Then kagō when I returned erchomai I prassō could an have collected prassō it autos with syn interest tokos.’ 24 Then kai he said legō to his ho attendants paristēmi, ‘ Take airō from apo him autos the ho mina mna and kai give didōmi it to the ho one who has echō the ho ten deka minas mna.’ 25 And kai they said legō to him autos, ‘ Master kyrios, he has echō ten deka minas mna!’ 26 I tell legō you hymeis that hoti to everyone pas who ho has echō, more will be given didōmi; but de from apo the ho one who does not have echō, even kai what hos he has echō will be taken airō away . 27 But plēn as for · ho these houtos enemies echthros of mine egō who ho did not want thelō me egō to reign basileuō over epi them autos, bring agō them here hōde and kai slaughter katasphazō them autos before emprosthen me egō.” 28 · kai Having said legō these houtos things , he went poreuō on ahead emprosthen, going anabainō up to eis Jerusalem Hierosolyma.

29 · kai It happened ginomai that as hōs he came engizō near Bethphage Bēthphagē and kai Bethany Bēthania to pros the ho hill oros · ho called kaleō “The Mount of Olives elaia,” he sent apostellō two dyo of his ho disciples mathētēs, 30 saying legō, “ Go hypagō into eis the ho village kōmē ahead katenanti of you, where en hos, as you enter eisporeuomai, you will find heuriskō a colt pōlos tied deō, on epi which hos no oudeis one anthrōpos has ever pōpote yet sat kathizō. · kai Untie lyō it autos and bring agō it here. 31 · kai If ean someone tis asks erōtaō you hymeis why dia tis are you untying lyō it, you shall say legō this houtōs: ‘ The ho Lord kyrios has echō need chreia of it autos.’” 32 Those ho who were sent away apostellō left aperchomai · de and found heuriskō everything just kathōs as he has described legō it to them autos. 33 As they autos were untying lyō · de the ho colt pōlos, its autos owners kyrios said legō · ho to pros them autos, “ Why tis are you untying lyō the ho colt pōlos?” 34 And de they ho said legō, “ Because hoti the ho Lord kyrios has echō need chreia of it autos.” 35 Then kai they brought agō it autos to pros · ho Jesus Iēsous, and kai throwing epiriptō their autos · ho cloaks himation onto epi the ho colt pōlos, they put epibibazō · ho Jesus Iēsous on it. 36 And de as he autos rode poreuō along , they spread hypostrōnnyō · ho their autos cloaks himation on en the ho road hodos. 37 As he autos was already ēdē approaching engizō · de to pros the ho descent katabasis of the ho Mount oros of ho Olives elaia, the ho whole hapas crowd plēthos of ho disciples mathētēs began archō to rejoice chairō and praise aineō · ho God theos with a loud megas voice phōnē for peri all pas the mighty works dynamis that hos they had seen, 38 saying legō, “ Blessed eulogeō is the ho coming erchomai one , the ho king basileus, the one who comes in en the name onoma of the Lord kyrios! Peace eirēnē in en heaven ouranos and kai glory doxa in en the highest hypsistos!” 39 And kai some tis of the ho Pharisees Pharisaios in apo the ho crowd ochlos said legō to pros him autos, “ Teacher didaskalos, rebuke epitimaō · ho your sy disciples mathētēs.” 40 · kai He answered apokrinomai, “ I tell legō you hymeis, if ean these houtos are silent siōpaō, the ho stones lithos will cry krazō out .”

41 · kai As hōs Jesus drew engizō near and saw the ho city polis, he wept klaiō over epi it autos, 42 saying legō, “ Would ei that you , even kai you sy, had known ginōskō on en · ho this houtos day hēmera the ho things that make for pros peace eirēnē! But de now nyn they are hidden kryptō from apo your sy eyes ophthalmos. 43 For hoti the days hēmera will come hēkō upon epi you sy when kai your sy enemies echthros will build paremballō · ho an embankment charax against you sy and kai surround perikykloō you sy and kai close synechō in on you sy from every pantothen side . 44 And kai they will tear edaphizō down both you sy and kai · ho your sy children teknon within en you sy, and kai they will not ou leave aphiēmi stone lithos upon epi stone lithos in en you sy, because anti hos you did not ou recognize ginōskō the ho time kairos of ho your sy visitation episkopē.”

45 · kai Having entered eiserchomai the ho temple hieron, Jesus began archō to drive ekballō out those ho who were selling pōleō things, 46 saying legō to them autos, “ It is written graphō, · kai My egō house oikos shall be eimi · ho a house oikos of prayer proseuchē,’ but de you hymeis have made poieō it autos a den spēlaion of robbers lēstēs.”

47 · kai He began eimi to teach didaskō · ho daily kata hēmera in en the ho temple hieron. The ho · de chief archiereus priests and kai the ho scribes grammateus and kai the ho leading men prōtos among the ho people laos were trying zēteō to destroy apollymi him autos, 48 but kai they could not ou find heuriskō what ho tis they might do poieō, because gar all hapas the ho people laos were hanging ekkremannymi on his autos words akouō.

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