Take heed to yourselves. (A)If your brother sins [a]against you, (B)rebuke him; and if he repents, forgive him. And if he sins against you seven times in a day, and seven times in a day returns [b]to you, saying, ‘I repent,’ you shall forgive him.”

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  1. Luke 17:3 NU omits against you
  2. Luke 17:4 M omits to you

Dealing with a Sinning Brother

15 “Moreover (A)if your brother sins against you, go and tell him his fault between you and him alone. If he hears you, (B)you have gained your brother. 16 But if he will not hear, take with you one or two more, that (C)‘by the mouth of two or three witnesses every word may be established.’ 17 And if he refuses to hear them, tell it to the church. But if he refuses even to hear the church, let him be to you like a (D)heathen and a tax collector.

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