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17 And de he said legō to pros · ho his autos disciples mathētēs, “ It is eimi inevitable anendektos that ho occasions ho for stumbling skandalon will come erchomai, but plēn woe ouai to the one through dia whom hos they come erchomai! It is better lysiteleō for him autos if ei a millstone lithos mylikos is hung perikeimai around peri · ho his autos neck trachēlos and kai he is cast rhiptō into eis the ho sea thalassa than ē that hina he should cause skandalizō one heis of ho these houtos little mikros ones to stumble .

Be on your heautou guard prosechō! If ean your sy brother adelphos sins hamartanō, · ho rebuke epitimaō him autos, and kai if ean he repents metanoeō, forgive aphiēmi him autos. And kai if ean he sins hamartanō against eis you sy seven heptakis times in ho a day hēmera, and kai seven heptakis times returns epistrephō to pros you sy saying legō, ‘ I repent metanoeō,’ you must forgive aphiēmi him autos.”

· kai The ho apostles apostolos said legō to the ho Lord kyrios, “ Increase prostithēmi our hēmeis faith pistis!” And de the ho Lord kyrios said legō, “ If ei you had echō faith pistis like hōs a grain kokkos of mustard sinapi seed , you could an say legō to ho this houtos sycamore sykaminos, ‘ Be uprooted ekrizoō and kai planted phyteuō in en the ho sea thalassa,’ and kai it would an obey hypakouō you hymeis. Which tis one · de of ek you hymeis, having echō a servant plowing arotriaō or ē tending poimainō sheep , who hos, when he comes eiserchomai in from ek the ho field agros, will say legō to him autos, ‘ Come here parerchomai at once eutheōs and recline anapiptō at dinner ’? Will he not ouchi, rather alla, say legō to him autos, ‘ Prepare hetoimazō what tis I am to eat deipneō, then kai change perizōnnymi clothes and wait diakoneō on me egō while heōs I eat esthiō and kai drink pinō, and kai after meta this houtos you sy may eat esthiō and kai drink pinō’? Does he express echō thanks charis to the ho servant because hoti he did poieō the ho things that were commanded diatassō? 10 So houtōs · kai it is with you hymeis. When hotan you have done poieō all pas that ho was commanded diatassō, say legō, ‘ We are eimi unworthy achreios servants; we have done poieō no more than hos we were obliged opheilō to do poieō.’”

11 · kai As en · ho Jesus was on his way poreuō to eis Jerusalem Ierousalēm, · kai he autos passed dierchomai through dia the region between mesos Samaria Samareia and kai Galilee Galilaia. 12 · kai As he autos entered eiserchomai a certain tis village kōmē, ten deka men anēr with leprosy lepros met apantaō him autos, who hos normally stood histēmi at a distance porrōthen. 13 · kai They autos raised airō their voices phōnē, saying legō, “ Jesus Iēsous, Master epistatēs, have mercy eleeō on us hēmeis!” 14 · kai When he saw them, he said legō to them autos, “ Go poreuō and show epideiknymi yourselves heautou to the ho priests hiereus.” And kai as en · ho they autos went hypagō they were made clean katharizō. 15 Then de one heis of ek them autos, when he saw that hoti he had been healed iaomai, returned hypostrephō, praising doxazō God theos in meta a loud megas voice phōnē, · ho 16 and kai fell piptō on epi his face prosōpon at para · ho Jesus’ autos feet pous, giving eucharisteō him autos thanks— and kai he autos was eimi a Samaritan Samaritēs. 17 Then de Jesus Iēsous responded apokrinomai, · ho saying legō, “ Were not ouchi · ho ten deka made clean katharizō? The ho · de other nine ennea, where pou are they? 18 Were they not ou found heuriskō, so as to return hypostrephō and give didōmi praise doxa to ho God theos, except ei mē · ho this houtos foreigner allogenēs?” 19 Then kai he said legō to the man autos, “ Get anistēmi up and go poreuō; · ho your sy faith pistis has made sōzō you sy well .”

20 Having been asked eperōtaō · de by hypo the ho Pharisees Pharisaios when pote the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos would come erchomai, he answered apokrinomai them autos, · kai saying legō, “ The ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos will not ou come erchomai with meta observation paratērēsis. 21 Nor oude will they say legō, ‘ Look idou, here hōde it is!’ or ē, ‘ There ekei it is!’ For gar behold idou, the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos is eimi in the midst entos of you hymeis.”

22 And de he said legō to pros the ho disciples mathētēs, “ Days hēmera are coming erchomai when hote you will desire epithumeō to see one heis of the ho days hēmera of the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos, and kai you will not ou see horaō it. 23 And kai they will say legō to you hymeis, ‘ Look idou, there ekei!’ or ē, ‘ Look idou, here hōde!’ Do not go out aperchomai or mēde pursue diōkō them. 24 For gar just as hōsper the ho lightning astrapē, when it flashes astraptō, lights up lampō from ek one ho end hypo of ho heaven ouranos to eis the ho other hypo ouranos, so houtōs will be eimi the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos in en · ho his autos day hēmera. 25 But de first prōton he autos must dei suffer paschō many polys things and kai be rejected apodokimazō by apo · ho this houtos generation genea. 26 And kai just kathōs as it was ginomai in en the ho days hēmera of Noah Nōe, so houtōs also kai will it be eimi in en the ho days hēmera of the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos. 27 They were eating esthiō, they were drinking pinō, they were marrying gameō, they were being given gamizō in marriage , until achri the day hēmera in which hos Noah Nōe went eiserchomai into eis the ho ark kibōtos and kai the ho flood kataklysmos came erchomai and kai destroyed apollymi them all pas. 28 Likewise homoiōs, just kathōs as it was ginomai in en the ho days hēmera of Lot Lōt: they were eating esthiō, they were drinking pinō, they were buying agorazō, they were selling pōleō, they were planting phyteuō, they were building oikodomeō; 29 but de on the day hēmera in which hos Lot Lōt went exerchomai out of apo Sodom Sodoma, fire pyr and kai sulfur theion rained brechō down from apo heaven ouranos and kai destroyed apollymi them all pas. 30 It will be eimi just like this kata · ho on hos the day hēmera the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos is revealed apokalyptō.

31  On en that ekeinos · ho day hēmera the one who hos is eimi on epi the ho housetop dōma, and kai · ho his autos belongings skeuos are in en the ho house oikia, must not go katabainō down to get airō them autos, and kai likewise homoiōs the ho one who is in en the field agros must not turn epistrephō back eis ho. · ho 32 Remember mnēmoneuō · ho Lot’ s Lōt wife gynē. 33 Whoever hos ean tries zēteō to retain · ho his autos life psychē for himself peripoieō will lose apollymi it autos, and de whoever hos loses apollymi his life will preserve zōiogoneō it autos. 34 I tell legō you hymeis, on that houtos · ho night nyx there will be eimi two dyo in epi one heis bed klinē; · ho one heis will be taken paralambanō and kai the ho other heteros left aphiēmi behind . 35 There will be eimi two dyo women grinding alēthō at epi the ho mill together autos; · ho one heis will be taken paralambanō and de the ho other heteros left aphiēmi behind .” 37 Then kai the disciples said legō to him autos in response apokrinomai, “ Where pou, Lord kyrios?” And de he ho said legō to them autos, “ Where hopou the ho corpse sōma is, there ekei also kai the ho vultures aetos will be gathered episynagō.”

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