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12 In en the meantime hos, when many thousands myrias of the ho crowd ochlos had gathered episynagō · ho so hōste that they were trampling katapateō one allēlōn another , Jesus began archō to say legō ( to pros · ho his autos disciples mathētēs first prōton), “ Beware prosechō heautou of apo the ho yeast zymē of the ho Pharisees Pharisaios, which hostis is eimi hypocrisy hypokrisis. Nothing oudeis · de is eimi covered synkalyptō up that hos will not ou be revealed apokalyptō, or kai hidden kryptos that hos will not ou be known ginōskō. All that hosos you said legō in en the ho darkness skotia will be heard akouō in en the ho light phōs, and kai what hos · ho you said laleō in en · ho private tameion rooms will be proclaimed kēryssō on epi the ho housetops dōma.

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