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42 “You Pharisees are hopeless frauds! For you are obsessed with peripheral issues, like paying meticulous tithes on the smallest herbs that grow in your gardens.[a] These matters you should do. Yet when you unjustly cheat others, you ignore the most important duty of all: to walk in the love of God. Readjust your values and place first things first.

43 “You Pharisees are hopeless frauds! For you love to be honored before men with your titles of respect, seeking public recognition[b] as you aspire to become important among others.[c]

44 “You Pharisees, what hopeless frauds! Your true character is hidden, like an unmarked grave that hides the corruption inside, defiling all who come in contact with you.”[d]

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  1. Luke 11:42 Literally “You pay tithes even on mint and dill and every other garden herb.”
  2. Luke 11:43 Literally “greeted with respect in the marketplaces.”
  3. Luke 11:43 The Aramaic text states, “You aspire to leadership of the synagogues.”
  4. Luke 11:44 The strictly religious Jew could not touch a dead body or walk over a grave. It was common to whitewash the grave so no one would walk on it and be ceremonially defiled. Jesus taught that people who followed the example of the Pharisees would become morally unclean.