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11 · kai · ho Jesus autos was eimi praying proseuchomai in en a certain tis place topos, and when hōs he finished pauō one tis of ho his autos disciples mathētēs said legō to pros him autos, “ Lord kyrios, teach didaskō us hēmeis to pray proseuchomai, just kathōs as · kai John Iōannēs taught didaskō · ho his autos disciples mathētēs.” He said legō · de to them autos, “ When hotan you pray proseuchomai, say legō: ‘ Father patēr, may your sy name onoma be held hagiazō in honor ; · ho may your sy reign basileia begin erchomai. · ho Give didōmi us hēmeis each kata day hēmera · ho our hēmeis daily epiousios bread artos; · ho · ho and kai forgive aphiēmi us hēmeis · ho our hēmeis sins hamartia, · kai for gar we ourselves autos forgive aphiēmi everyone pas indebted opheilō to us hēmeis. And kai do not bring eispherō us hēmeis into eis a time of trial peirasmos.’”

· kai He said legō to pros them autos, “ Suppose one tis of ek you hymeis has echō a friend philos, and kai you go poreuō to pros him autos at midnight mesonyktion and kai say legō to him autos, ‘ Friend philos, lend kichrēmi me egō three treis loaves artos of bread , since epeidē a friend philos of mine egō has come paraginomai to pros me egō from ek a journey hodos and kai I do not ou have echō anything hos to set paratithēmi before him autos’; and kakeinos he from inside esōthen answers apokrinomai, saying legō, ‘ Do parechō not cause parechō me egō trouble kopos; already ēdē the ho door thura has been locked kleiō and kai · ho my egō children paidion are eimi with meta me egō in eis · ho bed koitē. I cannot ou get anistēmi up and give didōmi you sy anything.’ I say legō to you hymeis, even kai though ei he will not ou get up anistēmi and give didōmi him autos anything because dia · ho he is eimi his autos friend philos, yet ge because dia of the ho prospect anaideia of being put to shame he autos will get egeirō up and give didōmi him autos as hosos much as he needs chrēzō.

So kagō to you hymeis I say legō, ask aiteō and kai it will be given didōmi to you hymeis; seek zēteō and kai you will find heuriskō; knock krouō and kai it will be opened anoigō for you hymeis. 10 For gar everyone pas who ho asks aiteō receives lambanō, and kai everyone who ho seeks zēteō finds heuriskō, and kai for everyone who ho knocks krouō it will be opened anoigō. 11 What tis · de father patēr among ek you hymeis, · ho should his ho son hyios ask aiteō for a fish ichthus, · kai will epididōmi instead anti of a fish ichthus, give epididōmi him autos a snake ophis? 12 Or ē · kai should he ask aiteō for an egg ōon, will give epididōmi him autos a scorpion skorpios? 13 If ei you hymeis then oun, who are hyparchō evil ponēros, know oida how to give didōmi good agathos gifts doma to ho your hymeis children teknon, how posos much more mallon will your ho heavenly ek Father patēr · ho give didōmi the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma to those ho who ask aiteō him autos!”

14 One kai day Jesus was eimi casting ekballō out a demon daimonion · kai that autos was eimi mute kōphos. · de When the ho demon daimonion came exerchomai out , the ho speechless man kōphos spoke laleō and kai the ho people ochlos were amazed thaumazō. 15 But de some tis of ek them autos said legō, “ By en Beelzebul Beelzeboul, the ho prince archōn of ho demons daimonion, he casts ekballō out · ho demons daimonion!” 16 Others heteros, · de to test peirazō him, kept demanding zēteō from para him autos a sign sēmeion from ek heaven ouranos. 17 But de he autos, knowing oida their autos · ho thoughts dianoēma, said legō to them autos, “ Every pas kingdom basileia divided diamerizō against epi itself heautou is laid erēmoō waste , and kai a house oikos divided against epi a house oikos falls piptō. 18 And de if ei Satan Satanas also kai · ho has been divided diamerizō against epi himself heautou, how pōs will his autos kingdom basileia stand histēmi? · ho For hoti you say legō that by en Beelzebul Beelzeboul I egō cast ekballō out · ho demons daimonion. 19 And de if ei by en Beelzebul Beelzeboul I egō cast ekballō out · ho demons daimonion, by en whom tis do · ho your hymeis sons hyios cast ekballō them out ? Therefore dia houtos they autos will be eimi your hymeis judges kritēs. 20 But de if ei I egō by en the finger daktylos of God theos cast ekballō out · ho demons daimonion, then ara the ho kingdom basileia of ho God theos has come phthanō upon epi you hymeis.

21  When hotan the ho strong ischuros man , fully armed kathoplizō, guards phylassō his ho own heautou palace aulē, his autos goods hyparchō are eimi secured en eirēnē; · ho 22 but de when epan one stronger ischuros than he autos attacks eperchomai him and overpowers nikaō him autos, he takes away airō · ho his autos armor panoplia in epi which hos he has placed peithō his trust and kai divides up diadidōmi · ho his autos spoil skylon.

23  The ho one who is eimi not with meta me egō is eimi against kata me egō; and kai the ho one who does not gather synagō with meta me egō scatters.

24  When hotan the ho unclean akathartos spirit pneuma departs exerchomai from apo a ho person anthrōpos, it travels dierchomai through dia waterless anydros places topos seeking zēteō rest anapausis, and kai not finding heuriskō one; then tote it says legō, ‘ I will return hypostrephō to eis · ho my egō house oikos from hothen which I departed exerchomai.’ 25 · kai When the spirit returns erchomai, it finds heuriskō the house swept saroō and kai put kosmeō in order . 26 Then tote it goes poreuō and kai takes paralambanō along seven hepta other heteros spirits pneuma more evil ponēros than itself heautou, and kai after going eiserchomai in they settle katoikeō down to live there ekei. So kai the ho last eschatos state of ho that ekeinos person anthrōpos has become ginomai worse cheirōn than the ho first prōtos.”

27 · de While en · ho he autos was saying legō these houtos things , a tis woman gynē in ek the ho crowd ochlos raised epairō her voice phōnē and said legō to him autos, “ Blessed makarios is the ho womb koilia that ho carried bastazō you sy, and kai the breasts mastos that hos nursed thēlazō you !” 28 But de he autos said legō, “ On the contrary menoun, blessed makarios rather are those ho who hear akouō the ho word logos of ho God theos and kai keep phylassō it!”

29 As the ho · de crowds ochlos were getting epathroizō larger , Jesus began archō to say legō, · ho This houtos generation genea is eimi an evil ponēros generation genea; it looks for zēteō a sign sēmeion, but kai no ou sign sēmeion will be given didōmi to it autos except ei mē the ho sign sēmeion of Jonah Iōnas. 30 For gar as kathōs Jonah Iōnas became ginomai a sign sēmeion to the ho people of Nineveh Nineuitēs, so houtōs the ho Son hyios of ho Man anthrōpos will be eimi · kai a sign to ho this houtos generation genea. 31 The queen basilissa of the South notos will rise egeirō in en the ho judgment krisis with meta the ho men anēr of ho this houtos generation genea and kai will condemn katakrinō them autos, because hoti she came erchomai from ek the ho ends peras of the ho earth to hear akouō the ho wisdom sophia of Solomon Solomōn, and kai behold idou, something greater polys than Solomon Solomōn is here hōde. 32 The men anēr of Nineveh Nineuitēs will rise anistēmi up in en the ho judgment krisis with meta · ho this houtos generation genea and kai condemn katakrinō it autos, because hoti they repented metanoeō at eis the ho preaching kērygma of Jonah Iōnas, and kai behold idou, something greater polys than Jonah Iōnas is here hōde.

33  No oudeis one lights haptō a lamp lychnos and puts tithēmi it in eis a vault kryptē or oude under hypo a ho basket modios, but alla on epi a ho lampstand lychnia, so hina that those ho who come eisporeuomai in can see blepō the ho light phōs. 34 Your sy eye ophthalmos is eimi the ho lamp lychnos of the ho body sōma. · ho When hotan · ho your sy eye ophthalmos is eimi sound haplous, then kai your sy whole holos · ho body sōma is eimi full phōteinos of light , but de when epan it is eimi diseased ponēros, then kai · ho your sy body sōma is full of darkness skoteinos. 35 Therefore oun consider skopeō whether the ho light phōs that ho is in en you sy is eimi not darkness skotos. 36 If ei then oun · ho your sy whole holos body sōma is full of light phōteinos, having echō no part meros of it tis dark skoteinos, it will be eimi wholly holos bright phōteinos, as hōs when hotan a ho lamp lychnos gives phōtizō you sy light phōtizō with its ho rays astrapē.”

37 When en · de · ho Jesus finished speaking laleō, a Pharisee Pharisaios asked erōtaō him autos to hopōs have a meal aristaō with para him autos, so de he went eiserchomai in and reclined anapiptō at table . 38 The ho · de Pharisee Pharisaios was surprised thaumazō when he observed that hoti Jesus did baptizō not ou wash baptizō first prōton, before pro the ho meal ariston. 39 The ho Lord kyrios said legō · de to pros him autos, “ Now nyn you hymeis · ho Pharisees Pharisaios cleanse katharizō the ho outside exōthen of the ho cup potērion and kai of the ho dish pinax; but de the ho inside esōthen of you hymeis is full gemō of greed harpagē and kai wickedness ponēria. 40 Fools aphrōn! Did not ou he ho who made poieō the ho outside exōthen make poieō the ho inside esōthen also kai? 41 Rather plēn, in connection with what ho is inside eneimi, you should give didōmi alms eleēmosynē, and kai then idou everything pas will be eimi clean katharos for you hymeis. 42 But alla woe ouai to you hymeis · ho Pharisees Pharisaios! For hoti you tithe apodekatoō · ho mint hēdyosmon and kai · ho rue pēganon and kai every pas kind of garden lachanon herb , yet kai disregard parerchomai · ho justice krisis and kai the ho love agapē of ho God theos. These houtos · de you should dei have done poieō, without neglecting pariēmi the others kakeinos. 43 Woe ouai to you hymeis · ho Pharisees Pharisaios! For hoti you love agapaō the ho seat prōtokathedria of honor in en the ho synagogues synagōgē and kai · ho greetings aspasmos in en the ho marketplaces agora. 44 Woe ouai to you hymeis! For hoti you are eimi like hōs · ho unmarked adēlos tombs mnēmeion; · ho · kai · ho people anthrōpos · ho walk peripateō over epanō them without ou realizing oida it.”

45 One tis of the ho lawyers nomikos responded apokrinomai · de and said legō to him autos, “ Teacher didaskalos, in saying legō these houtos things you insult hybrizō us hēmeis as kai well .” 46 Jesus ho · de replied legō, “ Woe ouai to you hymeis · ho lawyers nomikos also kai! For hoti you load phortizō · ho people anthrōpos down with burdens phortion hard to bear dysbastaktos, yet kai you prospsauō yourselves autos will prospsauō not ou touch prospsauō the ho burdens phortion with one heis of ho your hymeis fingers daktylos. 47 Woe ouai to you hymeis! For hoti you build oikodomeō · ho memorials mnēmeion to the ho prophets prophētēs, · ho but de your hymeis fathers patēr killed apokteinō them autos. 48 So ara you are eimi witnesses martys: · kai you approve syneudokeō of the ho deeds ergon of ho your hymeis fathers patēr, because hoti while men they autos killed apokteinō them autos, you hymeis · de build oikodomeō the memorials. 49 Indeed kai, for dia this houtos reason the ho Wisdom sophia of ho God theos said legō, ‘ I will send apostellō to eis them autos prophets prophētēs and kai apostles apostolos, · kai some ek of whom autos they will kill apokteinō and kai persecute diōkō,’ 50 so hina that the ho blood haima of all pas the ho prophets prophētēs, · ho shed ekchunnomai since apo the foundation katabolē of the world kosmos, may be charged ekzēteō against apo · ho this houtos generation genea, 51 from apo the blood haima of Abel Habel to heōs the blood haima of Zechariah Zacharias, who ho perished apollymi between metaxy the ho altar thusiastērion and kai the ho sanctuary oikos. Yes nai, I tell legō you hymeis, it will be charged ekzēteō against apo · ho this houtos generation genea. 52 Woe ouai to you hymeis · ho lawyers nomikos! For hoti you have taken airō away the ho key kleis of ho knowledge gnōsis. You did eiserchomai not ou enter eiserchomai yourselves autos, and kai have hindered kōlyō those ho who wanted eiserchomai to enter .”

53 When exerchomai he autos went out exerchomai from kakeithen there , the ho scribes grammateus and kai the ho Pharisees Pharisaios began archō to be terribly deinōs hostile enechō, and kai to question apostomatizō him autos sharply about peri many polys things , 54 plotting enedreuō against him autos, to catch thēreuō him in something tis from ek · ho his autos mouth stoma.

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