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Inasmuch epeidēper as many polys have taken epicheireō it in hand to compile anatassomai a narrative diēgēsis concerning peri the ho things pragma that have been accomplished plērophoreō among en us hēmeis, just kathōs as those ho who were, from apo the beginning archē, eyewitnesses autoptēs and kai became ginomai ministers hypēretēs of the ho word logos, have delivered paradidōmi it to us hēmeis, it seemed dokeō good to me kagō also , having carefully akribōs investigated parakoloutheō everything pas for a long anōthen time , to write down graphō the events in an orderly kathexēs sequence for you sy, most excellent kratistos Theophilus Theophilos, so hina that you may know epiginōskō the ho truth asphaleia about peri the things logos that hos you have been taught katēcheō.

There was ginomai in en the ho days hēmera of Herod hērōdēs, king basileus of ho Judah Ioudaia, a certain tis priest hiereus by the name onoma of Zechariah Zacharias, of ek the priestly division ephēmeria of Abijah Abia; and kai his autos wife gynē was from ek the ho daughters thugatēr of Aaron Aarōn, and kai · ho her autos name onoma was Elizabeth Elisabet. And de they were eimi both amphoteroi righteous dikaios before enantion · ho God theos, walking poreuō blamelessly amemptos in en all pas the ho commandments entolē and kai ordinances dikaiōma of the ho Lord kyrios. But kai they autos did not ou have eimi a child teknon, because kathoti Elizabeth Elisabet was eimi · ho barren steira, and kai both amphoteroi of them autos were eimi advanced probainō in en · ho years hēmera.

Now de it happened ginomai, while en · ho he autos was serving hierateuō as priest before enanti God theos when en · ho his autos priestly division ephēmeria was on duty taxis, · ho · ho that according kata to the ho custom ethos of the ho priesthood hierateia, he was chosen lanchanō by lot to ho go eiserchomai into eis the ho temple naos of the ho Lord kyrios and burn incense thumiaō, 10 and kai the ho whole pas crowd plēthos of ho people laos was eimi there, praying proseuchomai outside exō at the ho hour hōra of ho incense thumiama. 11 And de an angel angelos of kyrios the Lord kyrios appeared horaō to him autos, standing histēmi at ek the right dexios side of the ho altar thusiastērion of ho incense thumiama. 12 · kai Zechariah Zacharias was troubled tarassō when he saw him and kai fear phobos fell epipiptō upon epi him autos. 13 But de the ho angel angelos said legō to pros him autos: “ Do not fear phobeomai, Zechariah Zacharias, because dioti your sy prayer deēsis has been heard eisakouō, · ho and kai · ho your sy wife gynē Elizabeth Elisabet will bear gennaō you sy a son hyios, and kai you will call kaleō · ho his autos name onoma John Iōannēs. 14 And kai for you sy there will be eimi joy chara and kai gladness agalliasis, and kai many polys will rejoice chairō because epi of · ho his autos birth genesis, 15 for gar he will be eimi great megas before enōpion the ho Lord kyrios. And kai he must pinō not ou drink pinō wine oinos and kai strong sikera drink , and kai he will be filled with pimplēmi the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, even eti from ek his autos mother’ s mētēr womb koilia. 16 and kai he will restore epistrephō many polys of the ho sons hyios of Israel Israēl to epi the Lord kyrios · ho their autos God theos. 17 · kai He autos will go proerchomai on before enōpion him autos, in en the spirit pneuma and kai power dynamis of Elijah ēlias, to turn epistrephō the hearts kardia of fathers patēr toward epi their children teknon, and kai the disobedient apeithēs to en the wisdom phronēsis of the righteous dikaios, in order to establish hetoimazō for the Lord kyrios a people laos who are prepared kataskeuazō for him.”

18 But kai Zechariah Zacharias said legō to pros the ho angel angelos, “ How kata tis can I be sure ginōskō of this houtos? For gar I egō am eimi an old presbytēs man and kai · ho my egō wife gynē is advanced probainō in en · ho years hēmera?” 19 And kai the ho angel angelos answered apokrinomai, saying legō to him autos, “ I egō am eimi Gabriel Gabriēl, who ho stands paristēmi in the presence enōpion of ho God theos, and kai I was sent apostellō to speak laleō to pros you sy, and kai to tell euangelizō you sy the good news of these houtos things . 20 And kai now idou you will be eimi reduced to silence siōpaō and kai not be able dynamai to speak laleō until achri the hos day hēmera in which these things houtos happen ginomai, because anti hos you did not ou believe pisteuō · ho my egō words logos, which hostis will be fulfilled plēroō in eis · ho their autos time kairos.”

21 And kai the ho people laos were eimi waiting prosdokaō for · ho Zechariah Zacharias, and kai they began to wonder thaumazō why en · ho he autos stayed chronizō so long in en the ho temple naos. 22 When he came exerchomai out , · de he was not ou able dynamai to speak laleō to them autos; and kai they realized epiginōskō that hoti he had seen horaō a vision optasia in en the ho temple naos · kai ( he autos kept eimi gesturing dianeuō to them autos and kai remained diamenō mute kōphos). 23 · kai When hōs the ho days hēmera of ho his autos priestly service leitourgia were over pimplēmi, he went aperchomai to eis · ho his autos home oikos.

24 After meta · de these houtos · ho days hēmera, Elizabeth Elisabet his autos wife gynē became pregnant syllambanō, · ho and kai she kept perikrybō herself heautou in seclusion for five pente months mēn, saying legō, 25  Thus houtōs the Lord kyrios has done poieō for me egō in en the days hēmera in which hos he looked with favor to take aphaireō away my egō reproach oneidos among en people anthrōpos.”

26 In en · de the ho sixth hektos month mēn · ho the ho angel angelos Gabriel Gabriēl was sent apostellō from apo · ho God theos to eis a town polis of ho Galilee Galilaia that hos was called onoma Nazareth Nazareth, 27 to pros a virgin parthenos pledged mnēsteuō to be married to a man anēr whose hos name onoma was Joseph Iōsēph, of ek the house oikos of David Dauid, and kai the ho name onoma of the ho virgin parthenos was Mary Mariam. 28 And kai he came eiserchomai to pros her autos and said legō, “ Greetings chairō, highly charitoō favored one , the ho Lord kyrios is with meta you sy!” 29 She ho · de was thoroughly troubled diatarassō by epi what ho he said logos, and kai tried to discern dialogizomai what potapos sort of greeting aspasmos this houtos could be eimi. · ho 30 And kai the ho angel angelos said legō to her autos, “ Do not be afraid phobeomai, Mary Mariam, for gar you have found heuriskō favor charis with para · ho God theos. 31 · kai Look idou, you will conceive syllambanō in en your womb gastēr and kai give tiktō birth to a son hyios, and kai you will call kaleō · ho his autos name onoma Jesus Iēsous. 32 This houtos very one will be eimi great megas, and kai will be called kaleō the Son hyios of the Most hypsistos High ; and kai the ho Lord kyrios God theos will give didōmi him autos the ho throne thronos of ho his autos father patēr David Dauid. 33 · kai He will reign basileuō over epi the ho house oikos of Jacob Iakōb for eis all ho time aiōn, and kai of ho his autos kingdom basileia there will be eimi no ou end telos.”

34 Mary Mariam said legō · de to pros the ho angel angelos, “ How pōs will this houtos be eimi, since epei I have ginōskō no ou sexual relationship with ginōskō a man anēr?” 35 And kai the ho angel angelos answered apokrinomai, saying legō to her autos, “The Holy hagios Spirit pneuma will come eperchomai upon epi you sy and kai the power dynamis of the Most High hypsistos will overshadow episkiazō you sy: therefore dio · kai the ho child gennaō to be born will be holy hagios; he will be called kaleō the Son hyios of God theos. 36 · kai Look idou, your sy relative syngenis Elizabeth Elisabet, · ho she autos also kai has conceived syllambanō a son hyios in en her autos old gēras age ; indeed kai, this houtos is eimi the sixth hektos month mēn with her autos who ho was called kaleō barren steira. 37 For hoti nothing pas will be impossible adynateō for para · ho God theos.” 38 So de Mary Mariam said legō, “ Behold idou, the ho maidservant doulē of the Lord kyrios! Let ginomai it happen to me egō according kata to · ho your sy word rhēma.” Then kai the ho angel angelos departed aperchomai from apo her autos.

39 In en those houtos days hēmera Mary Mariam arose anistēmi · de · ho and went poreuō into eis the ho hill oreinos country with meta eagerness spoudē, to eis a town polis in Judah Ioudas, 40 and kai she entered eiserchomai into eis the ho house oikos of Zechariah Zacharias. · kai She greeted aspazomai · ho Elizabeth Elisabet, 41 and kai when hōs Elizabeth Elisabet heard akouō the ho greeting aspasmos of ho Mary Maria, · ho the ho baby brephos leaped skirtaō in en · ho her autos womb koilia. · kai Elizabeth Elisabet was filled pimplēmi with the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma, · ho 42 and kai exclaimed anaphōneō with a loud megas cry kraugē, · kai saying legō, “ Blessed eulogeō are you sy among en women gynē, and kai blessed eulogeō is the ho fruit karpos of ho your sy womb koilia! 43 And kai why pothen should this houtos happen to me egō that hina the ho mother mētēr of ho my egō Lord kyrios should come erchomai to pros me egō? 44 For gar behold idou, as hōs the ho sound phōnē of ho your sy greeting aspasmos came ginomai into eis · ho my egō ear ous, the ho baby brephos in en my egō womb koilia leaped skirtaō for en joy agalliasis. · ho 45 · kai Blessed makarios is she ho who believed pisteuō that hoti there would be eimi a fulfillment teleiōsis of what ho was spoken laleō to her autos from para the Lord kyrios.”

46 And kai Mary Mariam said legō, “ My egō soul psychē magnifies megalynō · ho the ho Lord kyrios, 47 and kai my egō spirit pneuma rejoices agalliaō · ho because epi of ho God theos · ho my egō Savior sōtēr, 48 for hoti he has looked epiblepō on epi the ho humble tapeinōsis estate of ho his autos maidservant doulē. For gar behold idou, from apo · ho now nyn on all pas generations genea will declare makarizō me egō blessed , · ho 49 because hoti the ho Almighty dynatos has done poieō great things megas for me egō. · kai His autos name onoma is holy hagios, · ho 50 and kai · ho his autos mercy eleos extends to those ho who fear phobeomai him autos, from eis generation genea to kai generation genea.

51  He has displayed poieō might kratos with en his autos arm brachiōn; he has scattered diaskorpizō those who are proud hyperēphanos in the thoughts dianoia of their autos hearts kardia. 52 He has brought kathaireō down rulers dynastēs from apo their thrones thronos and kai exalted hypsoō those of humble tapeinos position . 53 He has filled empiplēmi the hungry peinaō with good agathos things , but kai the rich plouteō he has sent exapostellō away empty kenos. 54 He has helped antilambanō his autos servant pais Israel Israēl, remembering mimnēskomai his mercy eleos, 55 as kathōs he spoke laleō to pros · ho our hēmeis fathers patēr, to ho Abraham Abraam and kai · ho his autos descendants sperma for eis all ho time aiōn.”

56 Mary Mariam remained menō · de with syn her autos about hōs three treis months mēn and kai returned hypostrephō to eis · ho her autos home oikos.

57 The ho time chronos arrived pimplēmi for ho · de Elizabeth Elisabet to ho give tiktō birth , and kai she bore gennaō a son hyios. 58 And kai her autos neighbors perioikos and kai relatives syngenēs heard akouō · ho · ho that hoti the Lord kyrios had greatly displayed megalynō · ho his autos mercy eleos to meta her autos, and kai they rejoiced synchairō with her autos. 59 · kai On en the ho eighth ogdoos day hēmera · ho they came erchomai to circumcise peritemnō the ho child paidion, and kai they wanted to call kaleō him autos by epi the ho name onoma of ho his autos father patēr, Zechariah Zacharias. 60 But kai his autos mother mētēr responded apokrinomai, · ho saying legō, “ No ouchi; he is rather alla to be called kaleō John Iōannēs.” 61 And kai they said legō to pros her autos, “ There is eimi no oudeis one among ek · ho your sy relatives syngeneia who hos is called kaleō by ho this houtos name onoma.” 62 So de they motioned enneuō to ho his autos father patēr to find out · ho what tis he would an like thelō him autos to be called kaleō. 63 · kai He asked aiteō for a writing pinakidion tablet and wrote graphō, “ His autos name onoma is eimi John Iōannēs.” And kai they were all pas astonished thaumazō. 64 Instantly parachrēma his autos mouth stoma was opened anoigō · de · ho and kai · ho his autos tongue glōssa loosed , and kai he began to speak laleō, praising eulogeō · ho God theos.

65 · kai Fear phobos came upon epi all pas who ho lived perioikeō around them autos, and kai all pas these houtos things rhēma were being talked about dialaleō throughout en the whole holos · ho hill oreinos country of ho Judea Ioudaia. · ho 66 · kai All pas who ho heard akouō took tithēmi these things to en · ho their autos heart kardia, saying legō, “ What tis, then ara, will · ho this houtos child paidion be eimi?” · kai For gar the hand cheir of the Lord kyrios was eimi with meta him autos.

67 · kai Zechariah Zacharias, · ho his autos father patēr, was filled pimplēmi with the Holy hagios Spirit pneuma and kai prophesied prophēteuō, saying legō, 68  Blessed eulogētos be the Lord kyrios · ho God theos of ho Israel Israēl, for hoti he has visited episkeptomai and kai brought poieō redemption lytrōsis to ho his autos people laos. 69 For kai he has raised egeirō up a horn keras of salvation sōtēria for us hēmeis in en the house oikos of David Dauid his autos servant pais, 70 just kathōs as he spoke laleō through dia the mouth stoma of ho his autos holy hagios prophets prophētēs from apo of old aiōn, 71 that we should be saved sōtēria from ek our hēmeis enemies echthros, and kai from ek the hand cheir of all pas who ho hate miseō us hēmeis. 72 He has done poieō this to show the mercy eleos promised to meta · ho our hēmeis fathers patēr, and kai to remember mimnēskomai his autos holy hagios covenant diathēkē, 73 the oath horkos that hos he swore omnyō to pros our hēmeis father patēr Abraham Abraam, · ho to ho grant didōmi us hēmeis 74 that we, being rescued rhyomai from ek the hand cheir of enemies echthros, might serve latreuō him autos without fear aphobōs, 75 in en holiness hosiotēs and kai righteousness dikaiosynē before enōpion him autos all pas · ho our hēmeis days hēmera. 76 And kai you sy, · de child paidion, will be called kaleō prophet prophētēs of the Most hypsistos High ; for gar you will go proporeuomai before enōpion the Lord kyrios to prepare hetoimazō his autos ways hodos, 77 to ho give didōmi his autos people laos the knowledge gnōsis of salvation sōtēria · ho by en the forgiveness aphesis of their autos sins hamartia, 78 because dia of the tender splanchnon mercies eleos of our hēmeis God theos, by en which hos the rising sun anatolē of ek heaven hypsos will visit episkeptomai us hēmeis, 79 to shine epiphainō on those ho who sit kathēmai in en darkness skotos and kai the shadow skia of death thanatos, to ho guide kateuthunō · ho our hēmeis feet pous into eis the way hodos of peace eirēnē.”

80 And de the ho child paidion grew auxanō and kai became strong krataioō in spirit pneuma, and kai he was eimi in en · ho wilderness erēmos areas until heōs the day hēmera of his autos public anadeixis appearance to pros · ho Israel Israēl.

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