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Moral and Religious Laws

19 The Lord told Moses (A) to say to the community of Israel:

I am the Lord your God. I am holy, and you must be holy too!

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(A) When you harvest your grain, always leave some of it standing along the edges of your fields and don't pick up what falls on the ground. 10 Don't strip your grapevines clean or gather the grapes that fall off the vines. Leave them for the poor and for those foreigners who live among you. I am the Lord your God.

11 (B) Do not steal or tell lies or cheat others.

12 (C) Do not misuse my name by making promises you don't intend to keep. I am the Lord your God.

13 (D) Do not steal anything or cheat anyone, and don't fail to pay your workers at the end of each day.[a]

14 (E) I am the Lord your God, and I command you not to make fun of the deaf or to cause a blind person to stumble.

15 (F) Be fair, no matter who is on trial—don't favor either the poor or the rich.

16 Don't be a gossip, but never hesitate to speak up in court, especially if your testimony can save someone's life.[b]

17 (G) Don't hold grudges. On the other hand, it's wrong not to correct someone who needs correcting. 18 (H) Don't be angry or try to take revenge. I am the Lord, and I command you to love others as much as you love yourself.

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  1. 19.13 to pay … end of each day: Day laborers needed their wages to buy food for their evening meal, which was the main meal of the day.
  2. 19.16 but never … someone's life: One possible meaning for the difficult Hebrew text.

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