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Distinguishing the Clean and Unclean

19 “Meat that comes in contact with a ceremonially unclean thing is not to be eaten. Incinerate it instead. As for ceremonially clean[a] meat, anyone who is clean may eat it.[b] 20 But the person who eats meat from the sacrifice that belongs to the Lord, while still affected by his uncleanness, is to be eliminated from contact with[c] his people. 21 Any person who touches a ceremonially unclean thing—whether the uncleanness pertains to human beings, animals, or to creeping things—and then eats from the meat of peace offerings that belongs to the Lord is to be eliminated from contact with[d] his people.”

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  1. Leviticus 7:19 The Heb. lacks ceremonially clean
  2. Leviticus 7:19 Lit. eat the flesh
  3. Leviticus 7:20 The Heb. lacks contact with
  4. Leviticus 7:21 The Heb. lacks contact with