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And he shall put of the same blood on the corners of the altar of incense most acceptable to the Lord, which altar is in the tabernacle of witnessing; soothly he shall shed all the tother blood into the foundament of the altar of burnt sacrifice in the entering of the tabernacle. (And he shall put some of the blood on the horns of the altar of sweet incense to the Lord, which altar is in the Tabernacle of the Witnessing; and he shall pour out all the other blood at the foundation, or at the base, of the altar of burnt sacrifice at the entrance to the Tabernacle.)

And he shall offer for his sin the inner fatness of the calf, as well it that covereth the entrails, as all things that be within, (And for his sin offering, he shall offer the inner fat of the calf, which covereth the innards, as well as all the things that be within,)

(and the) two little reins, and the caul, which is on them, beside [the] ileum, and the fatness of the maw, with the little reins,

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