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22 If a prince sinneth, and doeth by ignorance one thing of many, which is forbidden in the law of the Lord,

23 and afterward understandeth his sin, he shall offer to the Lord a sacrifice, a goat buck, without wem (without blemish, or without fault);

24 and he shall set his hand on the head thereof. And when he hath offered it in the place, where [the] burnt sacrifice is wont to be slain, before the Lord, for it is for sin (for it is a sin offering);

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22 “‘When a leader(A) sins unintentionally(B) and does what is forbidden in any of the commands of the Lord his God, when he realizes his guilt 23 and the sin he has committed becomes known, he must bring as his offering a male goat(C) without defect. 24 He is to lay his hand on the goat’s head and slaughter it at the place where the burnt offering is slaughtered before the Lord.(D) It is a sin offering.(E)

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