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And he shall set his hand upon the head of his slain sacrifice, which shall be offered in the entering of the tabernacle; and the sons of Aaron, [the] priest(s), shall pour the blood by compass of the altar. (And he shall put his hand on the head of his sacrifice, and shall offer, or shall kill, it at the entrance to the Tabernacle; and the priests, the sons of Aaron, shall throw the blood against all the sides of the altar.)

And they shall offer of the sacrifice of peaceable things into offering to the Lord, the fatness that covereth the entrails, and whatever thing of fatness is within; (And they shall offer for the peace offering, as a burnt sacrifice to the Lord, the fat that covereth the innards, and whatever fat is within;)

they shall offer [the] two kidneys with the fatness by which the guts called ileum be covered, and the caul of the liver, with the little reins, (or with the kidneys).

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