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He[a] must lay his hand on the head of his offering and slaughter it at the entrance of the tent of assembly, and Aaron’s sons shall sprinkle the blood on the altar all around. He shall present[b] from the sacrifice of the fellowship offering an offering made by fire for Yahweh consisting of[c] the fat covering the inner parts[d] and all the fat that is on the inner parts,[e] the two kidneys,[f] and the fat that is on them, which is on the loins, and he must remove the lobe on the liver in addition to the kidneys.

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  1. Leviticus 3:2 Or “And he”
  2. Leviticus 3:3 Or “And he shall present”
  3. Leviticus 3:3 The Hebrew accusative implies this transition
  4. Leviticus 3:3 Or “entrails”
  5. Leviticus 3:3 Or “entrails”
  6. Leviticus 3:4 Or “and the two kidneys”