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16 That if a man avoweth the field of his possession, and halloweth it to the Lord, the price shall be deemed by the measure of [the] seed (And if a man voweth the field of his possession, and dedicateth it to the Lord, its value shall be determined by the measure of its seed); if the field is sown with thirty bushels of barley, it shall be sold for fifty shekels of silver.

17 If he avoweth the field anon from the year of [the] beginning of the jubilee, as much as it may be worth, by so much it shall be appraised; (If he voweth the field from the beginning of the Jubilee Year, it shall be worth as much as it shall be appraised for;)

18 but if it be after some part of time, the priest shall reckon, either determine, the money by the number of the years that be left till to the jubilee, and it shall be withdrawn of the price. (but if it be after some time, the priest shall determine its value by the number of years that be left until the Jubilee, and that shall be deducted from the price.)

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