16 If also a man dedicate to the Lord any ground of his inheritance, then shalt thou esteem it according to the [a]seed thereof, an [b]Homer of barley seed shall be at fifty shekels of silver.

17 If he dedicate his field immediately from the year of Jubilee, it shall be worth as thou dost esteem it.

18 But if he dedicate his field after the Jubilee, then the Priest shall reckon him the money according to the years that remain unto the year of Jubilee, and it shall be abated by thy estimation.

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  1. Leviticus 27:16 Valuing the price thereof according to the seed that is sown, or by the seed that it doth yield.
  2. Leviticus 27:16 Homer is a measure containing ten Ephahs, read of Ephah, Exod. 16:16, 36.