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Value of Land

16 “‘If a person ·gives [dedicates; consecrates] some family property to the Lord, the ·value [equivalent] of the fields will depend on how much seed is needed to plant them. It will cost about ·one and one-fourth pounds [L fifty shekels] of silver for each ·six bushels [L homer] of barley seed needed. 17 If the person ·gives [dedicates; consecrates] a field at the year of Jubilee [25:8–22], its value [equivalent] ·will stay at what the priest has decided [L will stand]. 18 But if the person ·gives [dedicates; consecrates] the field after the Jubilee, the priest must ·decide [calculate] the exact ·price [equivalent] by counting the number of years to the next year of Jubilee. Then he will subtract that number from its ·value [equivalent].

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