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42 I will remember[a] my covenant with Jacob; and I will remember also my covenant with Isaac and also my covenant with Abraham, and I will remember the land. 43 And the land shall be deserted by them, and it shall enjoy its Sabbaths in its being desolate from them, and they themselves[b] must pay for their guilt, simply because[c] they rejected my regulations, and their inner self[d] abhorred my statutes. 44 And in spite of[e] this, when they are[f] in the land of their enemies I will not reject them, and I will not abhor them to destroy them, to break my covenant with them, because I am Yahweh their God.

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  1. Leviticus 26:42 Or “and I will remember”
  2. Leviticus 26:43 Emphatic personal pronoun
  3. Leviticus 26:43 Literally “because and in because”
  4. Leviticus 26:43 Or “soul”
  5. Leviticus 26:44 Literally “also even” or “moreover also” or “moreover even”
  6. Leviticus 26:44 Literally “in their being”