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Leviticus 25:31-33 Wycliffe Bible (WYC)

31 Forsooth if the house is in a town that hath not walls, it shall be sold by the law of [the] fields; soothly if it is not again-bought in the jubilee, it shall turn again to the lord thereof (and even if it is not bought back, in the Jubilee Year it shall return to its original owner).

32 The houses of [the] deacons, that be in [the] cities, may ever[more] be again-bought; (But the houses of the Levites, that be in the cities, can be bought back forevermore;)

33 if those be not again-bought, those shall turn again in the jubilee to the lords (thereof); for the houses of the cities of deacons be for (their) possessions (forevermore) among the sons of Israel; (and even if they be not bought back, they shall still return to their original owners in the Jubilee Year; for the houses in the Levite cities shall be their possessions among the Israelites forevermore;)


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