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26 soothly if he hath no nigh kinsman, and he may find [the] price to again-buy, (and if he hath no one near of kin, but he findeth the money to buy it back,)

27 the fruits shall be reckoned from that time in which he sold it, and he shall yield that that is left to the buyer, and he shall receive so his possession again (and so he shall receive his possession back again).

28 That if his hand findeth not, that he yield the price, the buyer shall have that that he bought, till to the year of jubilee; for in that year each selling shall go again to the lord, and to the first wielder. (But if his hand findeth not, so that he can pay the price, the buyer shall have what he bought, until the Jubilee Year; then in that year each parcel of land which hath been purchased, shall return to its original owner.)

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