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15 but by the number of the years of [the] jubilee thou shalt buy of him (but by the number of the years since the Jubilee, thou shalt buy from him), and by the reckoning of fruits, (or by the annual harvests,) he shall sell to thee.

16 (That is,) By as much as more years dwell after the jubilee, by so much also the price shall increase, and by as much as thou numberest less of time, by so much and the buying shall cost less (by so much the buying, or the purchasing, shall cost less); for he shall sell to thee the time of (the) fruits.

17 Do not ye torment men of your lineages, but each man dread his God; for I am your Lord God. (Do not ye torment anyone in your tribes, but each person fear his God; for I am the Lord your God.)

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