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Oil for the Lamps

24 The Lord said to Moses, “Tell the people of Israel to bring you pure oil from beaten olives for the light to keep a lamp burning all the time. Outside the curtain of the Law in the meeting tent, Aaron will keep it burning from evening to morning before the Lord always. It will be a Law forever for all your people. He will take care of the lamps on the pure gold lamp-stand before the Lord all the time.

The Bread Gift

“Then take fine flour and bake twelve loaves of bread. Use two jars of flour for each loaf. Set them side by side in two rows, six in each row, on the pure gold table before the Lord. Put pure, sweet-smelling spices on each row to go with the bread as something to be remembered. It is a gift by fire to the Lord. Every Day of Rest he will set it before the Lord all the time. It is a Law forever for the people of Israel. The bread is for Aaron and his sons who will eat it in a holy place. It is a most holy part for him out of the gifts by fire to the Lord. It is his share forever.”

Punishment for a Person Who Spoke against God

10 Now the son of an Israelite woman, whose father was an Egyptian, went among the people of Israel. And the Israelite woman’s son and a man of Israel fought with each other among the tents. 11 The son of the Israelite woman swore against the name of the Lord. So they brought him to Moses. (His mother’s name was Shelomith, the daughter of Dibri, of the family of Dan.) 12 And they kept him shut up until the will of the Lord might be made known to them.

13 Then the Lord said to Moses, 14 “Take the one who has sworn against Me away from the tents. Let all who heard him lay their hands on his head. Then let all the people kill him by throwing stones. 15 Say to the people of Israel, ‘If anyone swears against his God, he will suffer for his own sin. 16 The one who speaks against the name of the Lord will be put to death for sure. All the people will kill him with stones. Both the stranger and those born in the land will be put to death when he speaks against the name of the Lord.

17 ‘If a man takes the life of any human being, he will be put to death for sure. 18 The one who takes the life of an animal will pay for it, a life for a life. 19 If a man hurts his neighbor, it will be done to him just as he has done, 20 broken bone for broken bone, eye for eye, tooth for tooth. Just as he has hurt a man, so he will be hurt. 21 So the one who kills an animal will pay for it with an animal. But the one who kills a man will be put to death. 22 You will have the same Law for the stranger and for the one born among you. For I am the Lord your God.’”

23 Then Moses spoke to the people of Israel. And they took the one who swore against God and brought him away from the tents and killed him with stones. So the people of Israel did as the Lord told Moses.