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and any sister who is still a virgin when she dies. Since she has no husband, the priest is her closest relative, so he is allowed to make himself impure for her. A priest must not render himself impure and defile himself by touching the corpse of a person related to him only by marriage. Priests are not allowed to mourn like other people by shaving their heads, trimming their beards, or cutting gashes into their bodies.

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or an unmarried sister who is dependent on him since she has no husband—for her he may make himself unclean.(A) He must not make himself unclean for people related to him by marriage,[a] and so defile himself.

“‘Priests must not shave(B) their heads or shave off the edges of their beards(C) or cut their bodies.(D)

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  1. Leviticus 21:4 Or unclean as a leader among his people

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