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1-3 The Lord spoke to Moses from the sacred tent and gave him instructions for the community of Israel to follow when they offered sacrifices.

Sacrifices To Please the Lord

The Lord said:

Sacrifices to please me[a] must be completely burned on the bronze altar.[b]

Bulls or rams or goats[c] are the animals to be used for these sacrifices. If the animal is a bull, it must not have anything wrong with it. Lead it to the entrance of the sacred tent, and I will let you know if it is[d] acceptable to me. Lay your hand on its head, and I will accept the animal as a sacrifice for taking away your sins.

After the bull is killed in my presence, some priests from Aaron’s family will offer its blood to me by splattering it against the four sides of the altar.

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  1. 1.1-3 Sacrifices to please me: These sacrifices have traditionally been called “whole burnt offerings” because the whole animal was burned on the altar. A main purpose of such sacrifices was to please the Lord with the smell of the sacrifice, and so in the CEV they are often called “sacrifices to please the Lord.”
  2. 1.1-3 bronze altar: This altar for offering sacrifices was in front of the entrance to the sacred tent; it was made of acacia wood covered with bronze. A smaller altar for offering incense was inside the tent; it was made of acacia wood covered with gold.
  3. 1.1-3 goats: Hebrew “male goats.”
  4. 1.1-3 if it is: Or “if you are.”