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18 Thou shalt not take the sister of thy wife, to (the) anguish of her, neither thou shalt show the filth(hood) of her, while thy wife liveth yet. (Thou shalt not take thy wife’s sister to bed, and so cause thy wife anguish, nor shalt thou uncover her sister’s nakedness, while thy wife yet liveth.)

19 Thou shalt not nigh to a woman that suffereth the running of blood of month, neither thou shalt show her filthhood. (Thou shalt not come near to a woman who suffereth the running of the blood of the month, nor shalt thou uncover her nakedness.)

20 Thou shalt not do lechery with thy neighbour’s wife, neither thou shalt be defouled with mixing [together] of seed. (Thou shalt not do fleshly coupling with thy neighbour’s wife, and so be defiled with her.)

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