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Leviticus 17:6-8 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Then the priest will ·sprinkle [dash] the blood from those animals on the Lord’s altar near the entrance of the Meeting Tent. And he will ·burn [L turn into smoke] the fat from those animals on the altar [3:17], as a smell pleasing to the Lord. They must not offer any more sacrifices to their goat idols [C goat images representing demons; 2 Chr. 11:15; Is. 13:21; 34:14], which they have chased like prostitutes [C spiritual infidelity is often likened to marital infidelity; Hos. 1:2]. These ·rules [statutes; ordinances; requirements] will continue for people ·from now on [L throughout their generations].’

“Tell the people this: ‘If ·any citizen [L anyone from the house] of Israel or ·foreigner living with you [sojourner; wanderer; resident alien] offers a burnt offering [1:1–17] or sacrifice,

Expanded Bible (EXB)

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