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44 the priest entereth, and seeth the leprosy turned again, and the walls sprinkled with spots, the leprosy is then steadfastly dwelling, and the house is unclean; (the priest entereth, and seeth that the leprosy hath returned, and that the walls be sprinkled with spots, then the leprosy is steadfastly dwelling, and the house is unclean;)

45 which house they shall destroy anon, and they shall cast out of the city, into an unclean place, the stones thereof, and the wood, and all the dust. (which house they shall destroy at once, and its stones, and its wood, and all of its dust, they shall throw into an unclean place outside the city.)

46 He that entereth into the house, when it is shut (up), shall be unclean till to eventide,

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