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44 the priest is to come and examine it, and if[a] the infection has spread in the house, it is a malignant disease in the house. It is unclean. 45 He must tear down the house,[b] its stones, its wood, and all the plaster of the house, and bring all of it[c] outside the city to an unclean place. 46 Anyone who enters[d] the house all the days the priest[e] has quarantined it will be unclean until evening.

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  1. Leviticus 14:44 tn Heb “and behold” (so KJV, ASV); NASB “If he sees that the mark has indeed spread.”
  2. Leviticus 14:45 tn Smr, LXX, Syriac, and Tg. Ps.-J. have the plural verb, perhaps suggesting a passive translation, “The house…shall be torn down” (cf. NAB, NIV, TEV, NLT, and see the note on v. 4b above).
  3. Leviticus 14:45 tn Once again, Smr, LXX, and Syriac have the plural verb, perhaps to be rendered passive, “shall be brought.”
  4. Leviticus 14:46 tn Heb “the one who comes into.”
  5. Leviticus 14:46 tn Heb “he,” referring to the priest (see v. 38). The referent has been specified in the translation for clarity.

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