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20     Take account, Eternal One, of me; how miserable I am.
        My belly growls and turns;
    My heart is wrung out like a rag; my faults and failings are to blame
        because I have been rebellious.
    Death is everywhere in the homes;
        the sword makes women childless in the streets.

21     Uncaring, with no compassion from others,
        they know how badly I suffer.
    O how alone I am.
        My enemies gloat, and You have brought about my misery,
    So happy to know I’m in pain.
        But You, O God, will make them as bad off as I.

22     Vindicate me and judge their evil actions
        and make them suffer,
    As You’ve made me suffer
        for all my wrongdoings.
    I’m a wreck, and I groan with a faint heart.

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