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20 “O Yahweh, see the distress I’m in!
    My stomach is churning.
    My heart is pounding because I’ve been very bitter.
    In the streets swords kill my children.
    Inside the houses it’s like death.

21 “All my enemies have heard that I am groaning.
    No one offers me comfort.
    All my enemies have heard about my disaster.
    They are happy that you did it.
        You have allowed the day to come, the one that you had announced.
            Let my enemies be like me now.[a]
22 Recall all of their wickedness.
    Then deal with them as you have dealt with me
        because of all my rebellious acts.
            I groan so much and feel so sick at heart.”

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  1. Lamentations 1:21 Hebrew meaning of this verse uncertain.