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20 See, O Yahweh, that I am in distress;[a]
    my stomach[b] is in torment,
my heart has turned inside me
    because I have certainly rebelled.
From outside a sword brings bereavement,
    inside the house it is like death.
21 They hear that I was groaning;
    there is no comforter for me.
All my enemies have heard my misery,
    they are pleased that you have done it.
Bring that day that you have proclaimed,[c]
    And let them be like me.
22 Let all their evil come before you;
    and deal with them
just as you have dealt with me
    because of all my crimes;
for my groaning is much and my heart is faint.

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  1. Lamentations 1:20 Literally “there is distress for me”
  2. Lamentations 1:20 Literally “inner parts”
  3. Lamentations 1:21 Or “you have called”