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15     Overwhelmed by none other than God,
        the Lord has determined that all my warriors are worthless.
    He has summoned a meeting of those who are against me
        to crush the young men who would protect me,
    And He has stomped lovely Judah, virgin daughter,
        like grapes in a winepress.

16     Pity, my eyes won’t stop their crying; I can’t stop.
        There is no one nearby to comfort me or revive my spirit,
    No one to pull me up.
        My children know it—they’re left empty,
    The enemy has won.

17 Quietly, Zion spreads out her hands, pleading for comfort.
    But no one comes. The Lord forbids it.
God has commanded Jacob’s enemies
    to surround her.
Jerusalem has become their foe;
    she is an impurity among them.

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