15 “The (A)Lord has rejected all my strong men
In my midst;
He has called an appointed [a]time against me
To crush my (B)young men;
The Lord has (C)trodden as in a wine press
The virgin daughter of Judah.
16 “For these things I (D)weep;
[b]My eyes run down with water;
Because far from me is a (E)comforter,
One who restores my soul.
My children are desolate
Because the enemy has prevailed.”
17 Zion (F)stretches out her hands;
There is no one to comfort her;
The Lord has (G)commanded concerning Jacob
That the ones round about him should be his adversaries;
(H)Jerusalem has become an unclean thing among them.

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  1. Lamentations 1:15 Or feast
  2. Lamentations 1:16 Lit My eye, my eye

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