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Lamentations 1:12 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

12 Lamed. O all ye that pass by the way, attend, and see if there be any sorrow like to my sorrow: for he hath made a vintage of me, as the Lord spoke in the day of his fierce anger.

Lamentationes 1:12 Biblia Sacra Vulgata (VULGATE)

12 [Lamed.] O vos omnes qui transitis per viam, attendite, et videte si est dolor sicut dolor meus! quoniam vindemiavit me, ut locutus est Dominus, in die irae furoris sui.

John 13:1 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

13 Before the festival day of the pasch, Jesus knowing that his hour was come, that he should pass out of this world to the Father: having loved his own who were in the world, he loved them unto the end.

Ioannes 13:1 Biblia Sacra Vulgata (VULGATE)

13 Ante diem festum Paschae, sciens Jesus quia venit hora ejus ut transeat ex hoc mundo ad Patrem: cum dilexisset suos, qui erant in mundo, in finem dilexit eos.

Matthew 11:29 Douay-Rheims 1899 American Edition (DRA)

29 Take up my yoke upon you, and learn of me, because I am meek, and humble of heart: and you shall find rest to your souls.

Matthaeus 11:29 Biblia Sacra Vulgata (VULGATE)

29 Tollite jugum meum super vos, et discite a me, quia mitis sum, et humilis corde: et invenietis requiem animabus vestris.

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