16 All your enemies open their mouths
    wide against you;(A)
they scoff and gnash their teeth(B)
    and say, “We have swallowed her up.(C)
This is the day we have waited for;
    we have lived to see it.”(D)

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17 The Lord has done what he planned;
    he has fulfilled(A) his word,
    which he decreed long ago.(B)
He has overthrown you without pity,(C)
    he has let the enemy gloat over you,(D)
    he has exalted the horn[a] of your foes.(E)

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  1. Lamentations 2:17 Horn here symbolizes strength.

46 “All our enemies have opened their mouths
    wide(A) against us.(B)
47 We have suffered terror and pitfalls,(C)
    ruin and destruction.(D)
48 Streams of tears(E) flow from my eyes(F)
    because my people are destroyed.(G)

49 My eyes will flow unceasingly,
    without relief,(H)
50 until the Lord looks down
    from heaven and sees.(I)
51 What I see brings grief to my soul
    because of all the women of my city.

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