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11 For you know how we treated you, as an abba treats his own yeladim,

12 Exhorting you with divrei chizzuk and comforting you, addressing you with solemn edut (testimony) that you let your derech (way of life), your hitnahagut (conduct), be to fier zich (comport oneself) in a manner worthy of Hashem, who summons you to His own Malchut and Kavod.

13 And for this reason also we constantly offer hodayah to Hashem that when you received (as “Ani Maamin” authoritative teaching) the Dvar Hashem, the Word of Hachrazah (Proclamation, Kerygma) from us, you received it not as the dvar HaBnei Adam but, as it actually is, the Dvar Hashem, which also is at work in you who have emunah.

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