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Kehillah in Rome 4:14-16 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

14 For if the salvation-byworks legalists are yoreshim (heirs), emunah (faith) is rendered invalid and the havtachah (the promise) is annulled,

15 for the Torah brings about the Charon Af Hashem (Ro 1:18; 3:20; SHEMOT 32:8-10), and where there is no Torah there is no peysha (transgression, rebellion, violation of the Law).

16 For this reason the havtachah (promise) is of emunah (faith), in order that it might be in accordance with unmerited Chen v’Chesed Hashem, that the havtachah might be certain to all the zera (seed), not to him who is of the Torah only, but also to bnei emunat Avraham (the sons of the faith of Avraham Avinu, to those who are of the faith of Abraham). Avraham Avinu is the father of us all,

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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