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Kehillah in Rome 2:5-7 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

As a result of your KESHI (stubbornness, hardness, DEVARIM 9:27) and your levavot without teshuva, you are storing up for yourself Charon Af Hashem (the burning anger of G-d) in the Yom Af (the Day of Wrath TEHILLIM 110:5, i.e., the Yom HaDin, the Day of Judgment), when will be revealed the Mishpat HaTzedek of Hashem,

Who will render L’ISH K’MA’A’SEI HU (to each according to his works" TEHILLIM 62:13 [12]).

To those who, by zitzfleisch (patience), persevere in doing ma’asim tovim, seek for kavod (glory) and honor and incorruptibility (TEHILLIM 16:10), He will give Chayyei Olam (Eternal Life).

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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