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Owe, be indebted, obligated nothing to anyone except a choiv (debt) of ahavah (love); for he who has ahavah has fulfilled the Torah.

For the mitzvoh, LO TIN’AF, LO TIRTZACH, LO TIGNOV, LO TACHMOD, SHEMOT 20:13-15,17; DEVARIM 5:17-19,21) and any other of the mitzvot (commandments) is akitzur (restated, in summary), in this dvar Torah, V’AHAVTA L’RE’ACHA KAMOCHA ("You shall love your neighbor as yourself" VAYIKRA 19:18.)

10 Ahavah (agape) does no wrong to the re’a (neighbor); therefore the fulfillment of the Torah is ahavah.

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