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15 Achim B’Moshiach, I speak according to human dimyon (analogy). Even a brit (covenant) having been confirmed by Bnei Adam no one sets aside or adds to it.

16 Now to Avraham Avinu were spoken the havtachot (promises) and to his ZERA ("seed" BERESHIS 22:18). He does not say V’LIZERAEHCHAH ("and to your seeds"), as concerning many, but as concerning one, "and to the ZERA of you", and that ZERA is Moshiach.

17 And this I say: a brit (covenant), which was previously confirmed by Hashem, cannot be annulled so as to abolish the havtachah (promise) by the Mattan Torah‖which was given arba me’ot usheloshim shanah [four hundred and thirty years later SHEMOT 12:40]).

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