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13 Suffering harm as onesh (penalty) for harm done. They actually think there is ta’anug (pleasure) in reveling in broad daylight. They are mumim (defects) and spots reveling in their ta’nugot (evil pleasures) even while they sit at seudot (banquet dinners) with you.

14 Having eyes full of ni’uf (adultery), ceaselessly committing averos (sins), enticing unstable nefashot (souls), having levavot trained in chomed (covetous) greed—banim mekulalim (accursed children)!

15 Forsaking the Derech HaYashar (Straight Way), they went astray, having followed the Derech HaBil’am Ben B’or, who loved the sachar haresha (reward of unrighteousness).

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