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For, indeed, this is the reason that the Besuras HaGeulah was preached to the mesim (dead ones, i.e., those who have died in the L-rd), that, though judged in the basar according to men [MJ 12:23; Yn 5:25; 1Th 4:13-18], they might live according to G-d in the spirit.

The Ketz (End) of all things now has drawn near. Let your thinking be one of zililut da’as (sobermindedness), therefore, and exercise kibush hayetzer (self-control), for the sake of your tefillos.

Above all else, have fervent ahavah among yourselves, for AHAVAH KOL PEYSHA’IM T’CHASSEH ("love covers all wrongs” MISHLE 10:12).

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