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Kefa I 3:5-7 Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

For so formerly also the nashim hakedoshot (holy women) whose tikvah was in Hashem were adorning themselves, submitting themselves to their own ba’alim.

Just so, Sarah submitted in mishma’at (obedience) to Avraham Avinu, calling him ADONI [BERESHIS 18:12]. You nashim became Sarah’s banot (daughters), if you act as nashei tzedek [2:15] and you fear no intimidation [MISHLE 3:25].

Likewise, Ba’alim (Husbands), dwell with them according to the da’as of the isha as a k’li rach (weaker vessel), showing them kavod as also being yoreshim together [3:9] of the mattanah (gift) of the Chen v’Chesed HaChayyim, so that your tefillos will not be hindered [3:12; 4:7].

Orthodox Jewish Bible (OJB)

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