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16 Because it says in the Torah, KEDOSHIM TIH’YU KI KADOSH ANI ("You must be holy ones for I am holy" VAYIKRA 19:2).

17 And if you call upon as "Avinu" [Mt.6:9] the One who is the impartial Shofet (Shofet kol ha’aretz) of each man L’ISH K’MA’ASEIHU ("To each according to his deeds" TEHILLIM 62:13), then conduct yourself with yirat Shomayim during your time in the Golus of the Olam Hazeh,

18 Having da’as that the padut nafsheynu (redemption ransom of our souls) was not with perishable things such as silver or gold when your Geulah (Redemption) was purchased from the Derech HaHevel (empty way of life) handed down to you from your Avot.

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