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Judith 15 Common English Bible (CEB)

The Israelites defeat the Assyrians

15 When those who were still in their tents heard all this, they were shocked at what had happened. They were overcome with fear and trembling. Without waiting for anyone else, each and every person rushed out and fled in every direction across the plain and into the highlands. Even those who were camped in the hills around Bethulia turned and fled. Then every Israelite man capable of fighting rushed out upon them. Uzziah sent messengers to Betomasthaim, Choba, Kola, and all the regions of Israel, announcing what had happened and saying that everyone should rush out upon their enemies to destroy them. When the Israelites heard about it, they joined together, fell upon their enemies, and cut them down as far as Choba. Similarly, those from Jerusalem and everyone in the highlands also came, for they had been told what happened in the enemy camp. The Gileadites and the Galileans outflanked the Assyrians, inflicting heavy losses as far as Damascus and its territories. Meanwhile, the rest of the people living in Bethulia entered the Assyrian camp and plundered it, and they became extremely rich. When the Israelites returned from the slaughter, they took what was left behind. Even the villages and farms in the highlands and the plain received large portions of the spoils, because there was plenty to go around.

At that time Joakim the high priest and the council of the Israelites who lived in Jerusalem came to witness the good things that the Lord had done for Israel, to see Judith, and to wish her well. When they came to her, they joined together in blessing her and said, “You are the glory of Jerusalem; you are the great pride of Israel; you are the high honor of our nation. 10 You’ve done all these things with your own hand. You’ve done well for Israel, and God is pleased with these things. May you be forever blessed by the Lord Almighty!”

And all the people said, “Amen!”

11 The people plundered the camp for thirty days, and they gave Holofernes’ tent to Judith, including the silver plates, the beds, the bowls, and all of his furniture. She took it all, loaded up her mule, then hitched up her carts and filled them up as well.

12 All the women of Israel gathered together to see her. They blessed her, and some performed a dance for her. Then Judith took wands wrapped with ivy in her hands and gave them to the women who were with her. 13 They all crowned themselves with wreaths woven from olive branches. Then she went before all the people in a dance, leading all the women. All the men of Israel followed, carrying their weapons, wearing wreaths of victory, and singing hymns. 14 Judith began this thanksgiving song in front of all Israel, and all the people enthusiastically sang this hymn.

Common English Bible (CEB)

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