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15 And when all the host had heard (that) Holofernes (was) beheaded, mind and counsel fled from them, and they shaken by trembling and dread alone, or they stirred with only trembling and dread, took the help [or the succour] of flight,

so that no man spake with his neighbor; but each man bowing down his head, and all their things were forsaken or left behind (by) them, they were busy to escape the Jews or (the) Hebrews, which they had heard to come armed upon them; and they fled by the ways of fields, and by the paths of little hills.

Therefore the sons of Israel saw (the) Assyrians fleeing, or flying away, and they (pur)sued [or followed] after them, and came down, and they sounded with (their) trumps, and yelled after them.

And for (the) Assyrians not gathered together went headlong into flight, forsooth the sons of Israel pursuing (them) with a company made feeble all the men of them, which they might find.

And Ozias sent messengers by (or to) all the cities and countries [or regions] of Israel.

Therefore each country and each city, [or And so all region(s) and all cities], sent forth chosen young men armed after them; and they/the Jews pursued those Assyrians with the sharpness of sword, till they came to the last part of their coasts.

And the residue men, or the remnant, of the sons of Israel, that were left in the city of Bethulia, entered into the tents of (the) Assyrians, and took away with them the prey, which (the) Assyrians fleeing (away) had left, and (the) men of Israel were greatly charged with chattel. [The tother men forsooth, that were in Bethulia, went into the tents of Assyrians, and the prey, that Assyrians fleeing had left, they took with them, and they be worshipped greatly.]

And they that were over-comers, in (or after) their pursuit (re)turned again to the city (of) Bethulia/But they that were overcomers, (re)turned again to Bethulia, and they took away with them all (the) things whatever were of those Assyrians, so that there was no number in sheep, and beasts, and in all (the) moveable things of them, so that from the least unto the most, all (the) men of Israel were made rich of (or by) the preys. [They forsooth that had been overcomers, be turned again to Bethulia, all things whatever were of them, that took away with them, so that there was no number in field beasts, and in house beasts, and in all the movable things of them, that from the least unto the much all were made rich of the prey-takings of them.]

Forsooth Joakim, the highest bishop [or the high bishop], came from Jerusalem into Bethulia with all the priests, to see Judith.

10 And when she had gone out to him, all they blessed her with one voice, and said, Thou art the glory of Jerusalem, and thou art the gladness of Israel, (and) thou art the honour of our people, which hast done manly,

11 and certainly thine heart was comforted in God (or was strengthened by God), for thou lovedest chastity, and after thine husband thou knew not another man; therefore and the hand of the Lord comforted (or strengthened) thee, and therefore thou shalt be blessed [into] without end.

12 And all the people said, Be it done! be it done!/Amen! amen! (or So be it! so be it!)

13 Forsooth by thirty days scarcely were the spoils of (the) men of Assyria gathered up of (or by) the men of Israel. [Forsooth by thirty days scarcely be gathered the spoils of the Assyrians of the people of Israel.]

14 Certainly they gave to Judith all (the) things, that were proved to be proper (or the property) of Holofernes, in gold, in silver, and in clothes, and in gems, and in all (ap)purtenance of household; and all (these) things were given to her of (or by) the people. [But all the proper riches of Holofernes, that be proved to have been, they gave to Judith, in gold, and silver, and clothes, and gems, and in all purtenances to household; and all things be taken to her of the people.]

15 And all (the) peoples, with women, and virgins, and with young men, made joy, in (or with) organs and harps. [And all peoples joyed, with women, and maidens, and young men, in organs and harps.]